Olá a todos,

My name is Catarina and I am an Architect and a student of Organic Cosmetics. My concern with the issue of sustainability and my ecological footprint started a long time ago, when I was still at the University and this issue was not as discussed as it is today.

At home in Lisbon, we always had significant amounts of plastic that we threw away practically without having been used. This whole system didn’t make sense to me and early on I started looking for alternatives. My first step was to buy vegetables and fruits at the local market and start making my own cosmetics trying to avoid products with ingredients indicated as potential cancer causes.

At the end of 2015 I moved to London and was quite surprised when I saw that almost all food products were packaged in plastic! And so many disposable cups, takeaway boxes and plastic straws everywhere! So much garbage to be generated in just one day… I knew that I wanted to make a difference and that I didn’t want to contribute to all that garbage.

So I started looking even deeper for alternatives. After sharing with family and friends what I was discovering and struggling to find alternatives in Portugal, I decided to create an online store where everyone could easily have access to more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. With the help of my business partner Christian, this dream came true in July 2017!

Mind The Trash is a Portuguese blog and online sales store of alternative products to plastic and non-natural products that currently exist on the market. Here, you’ll find tutorial videos, recommendations, discussions on sustainability-related topics and much more, in order to create awareness about alternative products and methods that can be used to reduce the waste we produce.

We want to share all our knowledge and we hope you will join this sustainable movement too!

Thanks for all the affection and support,

Catarina Matos

Catarina Matos
Founder and Blogger

This is me! Founder of Mind The Trash! I dedicate myself to the project with all my heart and fight for transparent and fair trade! I want to make a difference and I see my team as a family!

Christian Andersen
Founder and Lead designer

Christian is also the founder of the project and an essential element of the team! A genius and has a learning ability like I’ve never seen! He is the finance manager and website designer.

Catarina Mateus

Catarina joined the team in December 2018 and has been a precious help! In addition to being a collaborator, she became a great friend! She is the graphic and product designer for Mind The Trash.

Mariana Nascimento

Mariana has been with us since April 2019.  She is our photographer and she joined us as a client and after showing her work! She has a degree in Film, Video and Multimedia Communication.

Marta Encarnação
Distribution and Logistics

This is Marta who joined the team in June 2019 and is responsible for Distribution and Logistics. Marta, according to Facebook, was our #1 fan! From our loyal customer, she became a collaborator!

Marketing and Advertising

Patricia is a woman full of ideas and very determined! She joined the team in March 2020 and her entry into the team was crucial! She has a degree in Marketing and Advertising and helps with social media and blogging!

Distribution and Logistics

Tiago was one of the people who insisted the most to join the team and his good mood conquers anyone! He joined the team at the end of October 2020. He helps us with orders and warehouse and has been super dedicated!

Distribution and Logistics

Vera has a degree in Business Communication and joined the team in November 2020 to help us with orders and warehouse. It is very organized and methodical and is an excellent complement to the team!

Model and Moral Support

Bali was rescued very sick. Like me and Christian, he is one of the founders of Mind The Trash! He is always asking to go out, loves parties and is always happy! He is our role model and moral support!

office clutter

Sally was adopted in January 2019 and is now part of our family! She is always asking for laps and parties, with no idea of her size and weight! She is jealous of Bali for its charming air and knack for photography.